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Sep 12, 2011 5:00am EDT
... this weekend meant new beginnings... will you marry me ( cceering) cheering)in indiana, staff sarreant jesse fordyye... national guarddsoldier... popped he questioo to his girlfriend and fellow soldier... who was arriving home on and friends gathered for the as kelly osborn emerged attthe pop of the escalator... she found a huge sign... sking the question " will you marry me?" .. with a beamingg boyfriend. "i did say yes. (numerous times.) i think before he asked.""i'm shocked.""it's very, very excitingg sse's ffund a wonderfuu man and we're very excited.""they've given so much to our country and to all f us, we've all seen them go hrough so much wwen jesse was injured and everythinn and kelly is juss a great soldier too and i just couldn't be happier ffr both of them." them."fordyce is an iraq veteran and purple heart recippent... aad osborn is an afghanistan veteran.he's peaaing soon for more military datt to get maariid in the next six monthss 3 p3 ravens fans are wwking up... feeling like champs this morning!the purple and black ....attacked the steelers for s
Sep 27, 2011 6:00am EDT
still don't know what caused the blast. a federal lawsuit is in the works against the state of indiana... in connection with last month's deadly state fair stage collapse.the lawsuit will seek to overturn indiana's five-million-dollar damage cap. seven people were killed and dozens of others injured when the stage collapsed during a storm at the indiana state fair. new video surfaces in which joran van der sloot admits to killing a 21-year old woman last year in a peru hotel room. the videotaped interrogation shows an interrogator asking van der sloot twice in spanish whether he killed stephany flores. both times he answers yes.van der sloot was arrested in june 2010 in relation to flores' death but was not formally charged until this month.van der sloot was also questioned in the 2005 disappearance of natallee holloway in aruba. that case is still unsolved. a decision on whether amanda knox could go free is expected next week.the american student and her boyfriend were convicted of killing knox's roommate back in 2007.they're now appealing their murder convictions. prosecutors call kn
Sep 16, 2011 10:00pm EDT
officials. a... woman safe.../ in indiana.../ ááafteráá a... dramatic escape... from her kidnapper..../ áátheáá... suspect? her father. father. in... this... surveillance video,.../ the... 21--year old... is seen.../ running naked... into a liquor store..../ ááaáá half-dressed man... who police say.../ is... her father .../ soon... runs... after her..../ ááthere's áá a... struggle.../ as... he tries... to pull her.../ out... of the store. / police... block his exit... and arrest him..../// 3 before last week, few people talked about the solar energy company 'solyndra'.now, the company, its bankruptcy and the role the white house played in a failed half billion dollar loan of your tax dollars could shape the 2012 presidential election for democrats.jeff abell has the latest on the solar scandal. scandal. the president's spokesperson maintains the spokesperson the president's the presiddnt's spokesperson maintains the president did not influence the federal loans to solyndra. 3 the.../ national... weather service.../ investigating.../ possible tornadoes... in... ocean cit
Sep 25, 2011 4:00am EDT
while. and computer models are terrible at handling them. >>> parts of illinois, parts of indiana and parts of iowa getting into aid moderate or even severe drought in some spots as you can see there, but the extreme exceptional jobs continue over the southeastern sections of the country except where we've had tropical moisture from louisiana into tennessee and also the southern half of the planes, an awful situation in southern kansas all the way southward into the southern plains and parts of the desert southwest. but again it's this dryer area here that's been surprising over the past few weeks. >>> look at the storm systems are rotating. it's been here all weekend and is still just sitting there. computer models have it tough time handling something like this but eventually the thursday and friday it moved on into eastern portions of canada and i haven't given it might last for longer than that. but top starts to develop another big change there in the west. that will cool things down it went up as we head to the eastern seaboard. >>> there's the moisture in the southern plain
Sep 1, 2011 6:00am EDT
&pdamage to the school is the state of indiana has s..- &pdollars to the vvctims of thi month's stage collapse at the state fair. this... is in addition to donations from a fair commission announced ate - wednesday it hired kenneth feinberg to help distribute the money.he was part of the compensation efforts for /11 families....and last year's b-ppoil spill. (((pat))) baltimore could see an influx of 100-thousand people this baltimore grand prix. so how do you keep all thosee people safe?talk show host and norris joins us, or this weeks fox undercover.///ess//// you can 3hear ed norris monday through ffiddy on sports radioo 105-seven 'theefan' from 5 to 10 a-m. coming up... we take you inside the maryland state fair.. blake sheeton nats natsplls... we've got your chance to win tickkts to see blake heltonnin conceet... minutes from're watchinggffx 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 7)) 3((bump in)) [ waves crashing ] [ whistling ] ♪ [ webber ] discover all that northwest florida has to offer. seventeen hidden beaches, one revealing destination. and only at sou
Sep 18, 2011 9:00am EDT
sunday. paul gigot from the wall street journal and evan bayh senator from indiana and bill kristol of the weekly standard and fox news analyst juan williams. he is focusing on the job growth in texas and connention he has to teparters and evangelical . he has shown vulnerability. paul, what is your take on rick perry. >> he came out strong because he appeals to the republican coalition. cultural and economic conservative. he doesn't have a big foreign policy record. but has potential and undermined that with his performance in the debate. he hasn't thought deeply about the subjects and hasn't even defended his job's record in texas and on social security has a vulnerability calling it a ponzi scheme and a monstrous lie. if you are a libbitarian and technically true not the way to reassure voters in the way to give them confidence that you can reform it. it is a vulnerability. romney going at that saying he can't beat obama and vulnerable and so go with me. >> one of the first observations i have looks like the republican party is back to the 10 commandments. they forgot about reagan c
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6